Sea Shore Realty is a "Boutique" Style Real Estate Firm Creating an Exceptional Experience for Each Client.

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What is "Boutique" Style Real Estate

  1. We are a "Boutique" Style Real Estate Firm, a local independent brokerage that strives to provide a professional “one-of-a-kind" experience for buyers & sellers.

  2. The boutique difference is fundamental and focuses on a strong relationship style that encompasses the experience of buying or selling real estate with professional, full time Real Estate Agents with experience and confidence that sell, negotiate and build relationships within the community.

  3. Our clients are special to us and we make sure the experience they have is always one of a kind.

  4. The importance of a strong “owner-to-Agent” mentor relationship is critical to agent success and retention.

How We Serve You "Boutique" Style

  1. In a boutique firm such as ours we use all the of the modern-day tools in technology and social media to best market and service all our clients.

  2. We make necessary decisions and changes to each individual need as they come up whether with clients and or agents at the firm and our size allows us to do this rapidly without approval from regional or national corporate levels.

  3. We believe that each Client is as unique as their needs and we are dedicated to provide the best service tailored to their buying, selling and/or renting needs.

Our "Boutique" Style focuses on the Person, the Lifestyle and the Experience!